Design studio Martens & Visser is a collaboration between Michiel Martens and Jetske Visser (Design Academy Eindhoven). Central to Martens and Visser’s work are the themes of movement and transformation inspired by nature, thereby sharing the thought of things being dynamic rather than static. Striving for a quality that mixes marvel and wonder at a surprising (in)sight and use of material and digital techniques. 

Particular to their way of working, they combine Martens’ craftsmanship and boyhood-like re-imagination of the existing and Visser’s delicate experimental use of material.

“If you look at our surrounding you see almost everything is static. If you look at nature instead you see everything is moving, a constant transition, evolution. We foresee a future in which everything is in transcendence, moving, fluid, interactive matter. A living environment which is breathing, like an organ responsive to you as an inhabitant. ”

Studio Martens & Visser take commissions, work on self-initiated projects and have worked with numerous Dutch and international companies, academies, design studios, private collectors and exhibition spaces, ranging from CitizenM, Dutch Invertuals, Rossana Orlandi, Forbo, Luxaflex, Rijksmuseum Twente, DordtYart, MU Artspace to Gemeente Museum The Hague and from the Van Abbe Museum to Nanjing University.


Tekst: Marek van de Watering
Identity design: Studio Waardenburg
Digital: Daan Spanjers


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