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Echo Convex ⌀ 58 cm

As a rule, a mirror reflects its surroundings and copies what we want to see as reality. In contrast, ECHO mirrors create a new image that transforms reality. Mirror fragments reflect their surroundings and create a distorted image of what we would expect.

A circle is a strong shape, stronger than others. A friendly but compelling form. We use the circle as a basis for creating something new. By manipulation of the mirrored surface we break the perfection of the circle until a new form arises. We play with the curved and straight lines, two opposites, united in one. 

Signed and numbered in edition of 20 pieces
€ 1100,- (Payment: Ideal, Creditcard or Paypal)
Size: ⌀ 58 cm
Material: Aluminium / coated steel
Installation: secure bracket with two srews
Exhibition at Salone del mobile 2019, Dutch Invertuals “the circle”
Photo by Dutch Invertuals / Pierre Castignola
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