Cosmic View

Math is a constant in our world, sometimes incomprehensibly large, abstract and at the same time very applicable and found in the smallest life on earth. In Cosmic view the surface is investigated, an evolution from the two-dimensional to a volume. A mix of abstractions and visualizations from the world of logic, the beauty of forms that exist around us. Cosmic view is a cocktail of objects, from gravitational surface to diatom, from the cosmos to microscopic cell, together a galaxy of objects. Worlds merge into a landscape of mathematically based sculptures.

The window of the Singer Laren provides an insight into another world. It creates a framework, a view on something new. Like a mirror, a suggestion of a passage, a vision, a new dimension. 2019

“The whole is larger than the part” Euclid of Alexandria 300 BC.

Thanks to Singer Laren, Gallery Pouloeuff, Keep an Eye foundation, Doeszevendzes.

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