Radiax – Room On The Roof

A 10 meter long kinetic installation designed for two shopping windows at the Bijenkorf Amsterdam. A play of colours, movement and reflection. Shifting in between reality and the imaginary. A glitch, untouchable and possibly hidden again in the blink of an eye.

A facade of tilting mirrors create a choreography of colors, shifting shapes and disappearing forms.

Comissioned by the Bijenkorf Amsterdam for their Room On The Roof program, in collaboration with Rijksmuseum Amsterdam.

  • Commissioned by www.roomontheroof.com
  • Material Aluminum, acrylic glas, foil
  • Photography John Kramer

This video shows a test setup at our former studio. The installation is a play of reflections. Double sided mirroring slender strips open and close. They reflect the twisting objects, stretch and shrink shades of color.

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